Last step

Some tests I did proved that it shoots much farther without any barrel, so the design is so far the best one in my entire line of Lego guns. However, there's still something odd about the bullets: depending on how carefully you powered the cartrigde, the more or less accurate is it. I don't like that, but I won't be able to change it. It's not that I want to shoot millions of bullets with it. But once more it is an example for how important the cartridg in my models is. I can remember having similar problems with the previous 4x4 design where careful powering was crucial to accuracy. The rubber pushes the bullet forward, the bullet then accelerate forward depending on exactly how straight it was placed in the rubber band. A workaround for this would be to use a rolling element which could turn the angle between rubber and bullet so that nothing will disturb the accuracy except everything else. Nice idea, however, it needs a bigger bullet. Or atleast one with s rotating, round element at the end. hm, maybe it doesn't need to be in the bullet but before the bullet hooker comes. Yes, that could work. Somehow. Need to test that. The more finished I have in my history of Lego guns, the better their parts become. Of course, the assembly has it's weight, too. But creating frames and grips just doesn't add anything to the effectiveness and accuracy at this stage. If I ever get to the point where everything works as satisfiable as possible, there's probably a point where it's otherwise.

Written the stars it is! If I weren't so sleepy today...

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