I should have known that. I continued my Lego work after a rather exhausting day and managed to basically finish the slide-out chambers. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as expected. The asymetric layout, shaky rubber band setup... All just not as good as I imagined before. I got it quite small compared a very, very early prototype. But still, with foreend and little levers for opening/closing the chambers it'll still weight a LOT of bricks. And even in this very moment I wouldn't want to consider it light. It's easy to give it up, but progress doesn't come from keeping outdated archievements. If I want to have a gun with good handling, I better drop everything going nuts prototypey. So what's left then? Break-action (which I ignorantly put aside), pseudo falling-block (having the bullet as the only falling element) and nothing else. And cause it's pretty late in here and some morons in the neighbourhood decided to steel my healthy beauty sleep, I need to go to bed. So it's up to next morning. All in all I need to find a way to a) open/close the chamber for cartridge exchange and b) lock it somehow. Locking on the top would be difficult - sights and firing pins/hammers are in the way. Locking on the side would be possible, though it' be the easiest to simple build a flap in front of the muzzle and load from there. That may be pretty uncool and almost the same like all models before, but it does atleast works without any problems. But there are also other possible solutions. I still kind of like the slide-out idea, though I know it doesn't work so good with rubbers. The more I think about it, the better it seems to completely drop the idea and also abandon it for later models if there isn't enough room to properly include a rack and pinion system. The problem with all these slide mechanics is that they need room I don't have. But I can put stick stuff at the frame and hope it locks properly. Whatever way is the most possible for it, my eyes closing in around two minutes, so better hurry before I fall asleep in front my computer.

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