Ham er

Yay, hammers and trigger are almost final I think. I tried to use gears, but they loose power if not a proper shell. Impossible to use cause I needed an external connection between the hammer and the trigger. So I simply made a rather big transmitter directly connected the snapping hammer element. However, I just need to build the second one and click them together. Quite modular at the moment and I hope I can this style of expansion for all other modules, too. So it's time to design a trigger guard, a lock (I thought about a proper break-open) and a stock or atleast a pistol grip. I love these design parts! They don't carry too much annoying fails all the time. You can choose whatever you want and merge them to every combination coming to your head. This time I want to make it completely colored. I'm currently reading a about more interesting actions for single-shot rifles (mostly applicable to multiple barrels) and now that I solved the hammer problem I get more ideas, more urge to find more different, possible designs. I better write down how to assembler the hammer part along with the bullet design, so that I don't need to reinvent them later.

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