Fuck it, I'm gonna screw this whole concept and simplify to bolt to not use any of this goddamn extractor. Lego can be really bitchy sometimes... On time it works, the other time it doesn't. I wish I could simply make molds and cast my own pieces. But this would qualify as something completely different without having the convenience to simply by new parts in a shop if I need more of them. Also, you can't test anything this way. A frigging shit I tell ya. However, without the extraction part I'll leave everything to gravity and load from the bottom, giving it a clean and closed upper part. I thought I could get it right this time. But it seems that this doesn't work like that. *sigh* Why isn't it possible without custom parts. I mean it's actually so simple to build a gun, but so complicated to make a gun that does more than a prehistoric stone axe. And even worse, you'll end up making everything so big and limited using Lego. Ok, ok. Better to come down and not throw everything away. I'll think about a new idea, a more modular one. I only need to configure some bits in the bolt, the frame itself is simpler due to my new technique (I used some frame parts I've barely used before, but they prove awesome for making 5x5 barrels). Maybe I can also combined the bolt idea with something different, more magazine-friendly. I really want to make this possible for me one day, no matter how many actions are necessary to operate the final model.

So I failed. Not too bad. Sometimes I really deserve it.

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