Finally a bit of Lego

So I was able to shut my monkey brain off and do something else instead of sitting infront of a computer screen and began to assembler some more bits of the longest in production gun model I'm working on. I got a good idea how to NOT care about implementing the lock inside the bolt itself. The point is, only if you compress the fire pin spring, you need to lock it somehow. If the shot was already fired, then the spring relaxed and you can open the lock without having to worry about it. I'm not certain how a real-world model handles this, but I also don't care as it doesn't matter for something with this "penetration level" of rather a pinch. However, removing the lock with a compressed spring would only result in triggering the bolt back in worst case, so nothing should happen I think. So the point is that you'd a) usually either unlock and pull the (ejecting) or b) push and lock the bolt. I designed my bolt end in a way that it's comftable to pull (similar to straight-pull bolt ends) and easy to push. But what most matters is that you can, in case of pushing, use only a part of the hand for pushing, so that the other fingers are able to operate a lock after compress the spring to it's max. Now it's time to think about locking in a larger way. I don't need to focus on tight designs, I can keep on using the frame. Better than before!

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