Back and forth

So I created the gun body itself, beeing worried about how to stuff in, here and there... but as I was able to get closer to the final format, I noticed how it really isn't possible for me, in the current state and bullet format, to add any kind of magazine... The is that these bullet aren't really made to inserted in a bolt-action way. I designed them bullets to function compact and to slide horizontally. I also thought it would work nicely on a horizontal sliding, but not a combination of both, as it is in bolt-action rifle (the bullets come from the lower magazine, beeing held back by some limit in the clip or magazine until the bolt pushes them into the chamber, resulting in a mix of both directions). It hangs at this point and due to the piece choices chosen to make them as small as possible. So I guess I can't have everything at this moment. But I know it can probably work for a horizontal magazine. However, it might also work on a purely vertical magazine! The problem is, I think, just the combination of two directions and not a uniform one. If I can design a model purely based one direction or similar in "elevation" like a pumpgun, I think it can work better. Or even simply work... I dunno. In all cases, I'll will remove any resemblance to magazine-based designs and totally focus on a reliable and hangless operation/action.

I didn't think the magazined way of life could be so hard...

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