Since I need constant occupation to keep myself socially acceptable, I went once again from program design to Lego guns. So far, I did some major changes in the trigger component to fit grip and stock better. I also made the whole stock block more lightweight and ergonomic, does quite nicely fit my hand without getting in the way. It's basically a big thumbhole attached to the previous pistol grip (made it more "anit-skid", not sure whether to translation is correct here) with some minor modifications to make it usable for both right and left hand. Looks quite nice I have to say. I started to make an all-in-one cartridge holder right after the thumbhole, but got quickly turned off by how the bullet bounce back and forth when there are less cartridges in then the possible maximum allows. So I'm gonna replace it with a set of chambers, one for each cartridge, and design like an external unit. So I can simply replace it with a longer version or maybe completely detach the stock if I want.

Another idea I got when thinking about is that I could add a better (and longer) iron sight system when using the usually not occupied length of the stock. I hope to store atleast six cartridges there, so maybe 8 in total when also filling the chambers. This makes plenty of room for sophisticated iron sights or even a little scope with limited effectiveness! A chamber requires atleast 4 studs, that makes 4 * 6 =24 studs length for adding a better aiming system and a comb. The best Idea in case of the comb is (I think) to combine it with the cartridge holder cover. I can round it with smooth plates from newer models I used for grip parts since my third Lego gun ever. So I don't need to lean my precious face (ahaha, what a joke...) against edges. But I'm not sure how to comfortably combine those planned, longer iron sights with cocked hammers/firing pins. Quite long when fully out, I'll need to place them lower than the sights, making it a bit more annoying to operate. Whatever. I can still make the sights foldable, so cocking can still a joy.

And since this stupid browser keeps crashing with two blogger pages open, I simply stop writing at this point.

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