Yessssss number 2

Got my macro loop and my number system done. No you can say how many times you want to repeat, what macro to call using () for the seperator and what macro to pass the index as argument and then insert it. That should be enough for today, it's quite a tricky thing to strip off all odds and understand how structurize your macros in which way. As I found it of great use, you can simply pass a macro name as an argument and insert it using (), as far as the macro was defined with an empty pair of brackets (otherwise it'd be evaluated from where you passed it - making a huge and not show mess in the preprocessor output ("gcc -E" in my case).

Yeah, I think I can with it comfortably. I really like the idea of using this macro stuff for later excursions to "C only" platforms. We don't have template there, so it might be of use to insert N vector operations using macro constructs instead! Cool stuff, really cool stuff. The more time I take to explore the in-depths of C and C++, the more I know how to archieve things that safe a lot of time and work. And as I knew from my last semester, the more of it you safe, the better you feel. And if it's also efficient beside beeing otherwise useful, you got the greatest deal there. Ok, ok - not everything is soooo perfect that it eases your work to no end while staying efficient. I didn't say that, but from time to time I like to my recent toolkit additions as something like that. And my current loop macro does a great job of keeping options for less trivial and complex constructs (in theory, atleast).

Geez, I'm so narcissistic.

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