I totally forgot about my fine but very small collection of collected noise music. I currently listening to Bad Sector's "The Harrow", I can remembering ordering it cause it wasn't available for free on his website. It's a really cool thing when artists do that, though it did prevent from buying the stuff he already made available for download... But well, I don't listen to it that much at all. I really like what he with "The Harrow", especially the opening. Short bursts, awesome sounds - that's what I love about it. It sounds cool enough to motivate myself a bit more to finally buy an ASIO-supporting sound card and start making some music again. I didn't do this for while, may it'll please me a bit more than just switching between gaming and programming (and listening to music all the time or watching speedruns). I also have a little sample snippet from Gridlock's "Scrape" lying round here (found it at Wikipedia a LONG while ago) and must say I could listen to more like that. Surely, I may not like most ofthe Power Noise out there (usually too "dumb" in sound for me), but this one kind of "intrigued" me to find some more of it, hm... Maybe hard to find good stuff by just looking at google pages, eh? Nah, drop it. I can live that. Nobody needs everything.

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