New born

So I decided to leave all this macro shit for a longer while and get into more interesting things. I mean I totally drifted into realms I disliked in the end due it's limitations. So I should just ignore it for some time and continue somewhere else... I couldn't quite get past all this and found some interesting bit hacks (most notably this site) and other things. I'm looking for complete alghorithms rather than hints, so I hope finding more of these bit manipulation tricks for later purposes or just to myself warm for making a Lego calculator thingie. The most interesting things I found so far were XOR swapping, XOR linked lists and some other things about this operation. The practical use of is... debatable. But sometimes it's good to know of it - and having it handy if you may need it. And since I currently don't need to watch for deadlines or milestones, I can safely implement stuff I'd not use normally. And implementing already existing alghorithms in general should cure my currently bashed brain a bit.

Note to self: don't try too hard.

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