Nested loops without recursive preprocessing

It's just too fascinating what you can do with it, so I couldn't just drop it without making some kind nested loop construct. I have so many things to repeat, it does make it a lot easier to generate code with two or even three nested functions. But it won't work without making multiple loop macros or so. I decided to have a 4 bit number range for everything my little preprocessor macro collection can calculate.That said I only need 16 different loop definitions, not worrying about updating too often. And it lets your preprocessor parse less than with just too many numbers you don't really need at all. Yeah, so how many loops could be useful? Two? Three? Four? Or more...? I'll stick with three I think. Sounds like an acceptable amount, though I'll probably ALSO need atleast one loop for adding and subtracting.

Besides this, I'm think about rewriting the loop a bit to enable number mapping. This is useful if you want to make for-loops or so. Hm, gonna test some ideas then.

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