I must force myself to not browse stupid internet forums. The problem is I can't keep myself away from from it! It isn't even useful or does make me happy or whatever. It akes everything worse since I really can't stop it. Like an addiction. I'll have to exclude it from every act of mine. That said, TIGSource is the number one of useless distraction, followed by constant deviantART lookup. Others site are either important for studying/work or to download music or speedruns. SDA is ok this way cause I like having a nice video distraction, preferably using speedruns of good-looking games or a fast playthrough by a skilled player. Recently, TIGSource got more and more filled with new and not realy annoying users, strange discussions (even more than before) and too much of bad things in general. There was also a seemingly wild discussion about that "indie" thing and gamedesign in general etc. Stuff I see unnecessary to discuss cause it's taste-based, heavily vulnerable to endless wars of speech. Some involved users deleted their account cause they couldn't convince opponents to be more discussive or so. However, this waste has to end one day and I couldn't get it done in the past. I just deleted it from my toolbar and out of my mind. Then, after a lenghty period of time, I did AGAIN start regularly posting. It must stop, no good comes out of spamming. And the possibility to delete one's account without asking a mod comes in handy. It's one way to get rid of all this annoying discussion shit. I never post anything contributing, I never enjoy reading or talking about anything but my own rants and porn in one of the secret forums. I don't care anymore about liberal rules or whatever "community" or "indie" or "game design" stuff in everydays discussion there. I hate those forum games, those useless threads and those annoying "OH I MUST RESPECT XYZ" attitudes between walls of text, dublicating pixel art shit and and so and so on. It's getting on my nerves, time to erase any way to get there, consume or fabricate shit. There may be people who like that sort of stuff or feel "bound" to it, but I do not. I don't care and the only thing I feel in the end is hate. Hate for everything related to it. It's the best I leave before something bad happens if it didn't already happen.

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