Merge, merge, merge, merge, merge

Put all colors, position and other dimensional value classes in one since it doesn't really make it better or easier to seperate them. And since it has no use outside of these applications, it doesn't make any sense to keep it too seperated this time. Some peeps may think differently, but this has essential practical reason. It makes the whole thing easier to manage. Almost every operation on an n-dimensional vectors is used for color operations and vice versa, you gain no advance except class seperation. Seriously, what's the point of adding another inheritance for only three new functions... You wouldn't even need these, anyway. Feels also good to not pollute the project folder with a bunch of super small files with no real content. Better keep it all in one place and then seperate if if necessary. In case I'll split it later, I could simply typedef some alias... Hm. No idea. Maybe it helps, maybe not. But I'll probably just not do anything with it.

The more I think about it, the more I tend to think it'd be better you just do everything more or less procedural next time. Using templates and references you won't get in plain old C, it's much more versatiles and gives you equal freedom for purely public data structures. I even extended the function class/class function concept with some more ideas and tests, so that I can relatively simply create a small subset of pre-defined variables inside a loop and then working on them with no problem at all. I won't able to do any deep optimization there as its always necessary to load array content every iteration. All in all I'm more pleased with it than before cause it gets easier to link them now. Taking a look at my very, very old concepts did make me realize that inheritance did make it only more difficult, so I figure a nice of doing it differently.

Yeah, after all I'd FINALLY like to start with rendering right now... Stuff's getting boring to just think and plan instead of getting results. Another reason to not care about things like that anymore and go coding. But meeeh, study begins in two weeks and I still have to do some maths for another math exam try. I'd be easier to not worry about stuff like that all term break long. I hope I get done with it and can concentrage on more important parts in student life.

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