Home as castle

I think about moving from super sugar cane factory in Minecraft to a new home. I'd like express a bit more luxury and comfort by a more "phallic" building on top of a mountain. Shortly before making the sugar cane farm, I also created a massive, penis-like tower in the middle of the ocean but I deleted the world cause I couldn't find my home base anymore after getting grilled by a pit during obsidian harvesting. So I decided to let this stuff be and better use all materials I have to create buildings. All in all, I only want a castle for myself with quite some extension into the heights of Minecraft's cloud area. Since I wasn't able to find a mountain in my current map, I'll need to my current wooden house and hope that it's not too far away (you know, starting points and such). However, I already have for what it should feature along with the usual bed, storage and melting rooms. I did some more light-related test with redstones and it turned out that you can atleast light a room enough to see what is what and where. Not as nice as normal torches, but if Notch's making his threats real, I run better with using redstone torches as they'll probably not unlit in further updates. You need a lot of space for lighting lights of torches by a switch or pressure plate. A dome with approximitely 30 torches inside required a seperate construct around it to even feature a simple on/off mechanic... A pain in the ass but easier if I make normally shaped walls.
So this time I have a cable tray in mind that's between walls and between ceils or floors. Though it might take a huge space to fill them in while beeing able to walk around (build first, wire later), I can think of an also HUGE (in the sense of HUUUUUUUGE) manor or so to overcome the otherwise obiviously thick walls. Three blocks depth is the minimum (walls included) but claustrophobic as hell. One might say it's necessary to make Five blocks deep and conceal it with bigger doors, flower pots and so on.

Yeah, this makes sense. Combined with big room, gorgeous staircases and the like. And I think the generally darker lights can be overcome by simple delivering switchable lights here and there, optionally including hidden wiring in the cable trays if really desired (though I doubt I'd need for them different from normal room lighting).

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