Free at last!

So now the very last exam of this semester is over and Friday will start the new one... However, this means I'm free of all this maths shit for a while (ca 3 semesters til I'll face it again) and keep my head full with other, more interesting things. But not interested in wasting all my time with aimless programming or so. I'll enjoy some days of completely blatant thinking, random thoughts and wildy unlogic actions in the wonderful worlds of homestead anarchy. Ok, a bit extreme but still - it makes me feel gooood to know it's now away for a while. Gone are the times of forcing myself not to enjoy deeply senseless reads of interesting Wikipedia topics or articles to keep myself focussed on maths. Oh and Minecraft really help not having it in head all the time. It's a bit of Zen you play it. Only blocks and you. And the fucking pig jumping your lawn.

I can remember me mentioning that I wanted to continue the works of my Lego bolt-action rifle. So far, I only need to figure out a good locking mechanic that's rather combined with the push/pull action. I love making guns! It's a so direct and forceful thing to design (ok, mine's are NOT). So tempting and pleasing for the mean and archaic part in me. Until I accidently fire it and demolish something I didn't want, but that rarely happens since I usually take them apart when they work.
But it's really difficult this time - there are so many restrictions and such a powerful spring force behing, I need to find a strong mechanic that's not easy or accidently to loose. All normal designs won't probably not work so well as it requires my currently not so compact bolt to have a design twist at the end which would probably also not work so well in terms of stability. Something different could of course also solve this problem, bringing only new ones. A straigh-pull action doesn't work - my current design has no place for gears, rotating parts and so (the bolt isn't round due the blockyness), so that's no real alternative. I had some other, more Origami-like actions in my head, but those require crazy twist in stock design and whatever not - doesn't fit the bolt-action model.

So maybe it's better to find some way to prevent to normal locking from loosing. Magnets could help there... And then there's still the question whether it's a good pull it with a level and not the back. Hey, I could combine both of them. Pulling/Pushing using the bolt and locking a lever? Damnit, that'll be nasty operate. There's no way not to use any tricky idea here.

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