I have to stop playing Minecraft. I noticed a sort of angryness due to my constant playing over the last days. I never really went to bed before 3 am and started to dislike the basic activities you're doing in this game. This signals a dislike based on too much time spent doing it. And since redstone and minecart possibilities aren't as mature as they should (it's still beta, so I can't blame anyone) and not really useful without abusing bugs, I got totally pissed off yesterday about it and I think it's enough for now. Maybe in a month or two (in a perfect case) when I'm studying again, but not if I have all day time I could and should spend more differently, more healthy for body and mind. Ok, the body part is debatable (using computers all day doesn't make you an athlete) but I already feel better after doing laundry and getting food into my stomach. Again, I fell into short-time addiction without doing anything else. I mean I even posted everywhere I could! It's good that I'm such a nitpicker about game design, so I start to get angry if something isn't going well. Of course, after a while of experimentation you'll notice that Minecraft is still as beta as in it's version description. A lot of items are useless, you can't get TNT without killing monsters, minecraft are rather useless for quick traveling inside mines and so on. Also, the redstone stuff isn't as nice as it should (ultra-tiny range, no wiring with minecarts etc, you can't remote-control minecarts or even create railroad switches etc...).
The list of stuff that should be implemented some day is extremely long and I'm glad I don't have to develop it. There are so many things that could go wrong when not implemented carefully, to heavy risks of breaking the performance with too complicated mechanics and so on. I don't envy them, there's a lot of hard work to do to be called something better than better beta.
Anyway, beeing away from Minecraft brings me back to my personal plans, to my sources of inspirations and so on. I once had a plan I totally turned into a never-ending quests of finding non-essential technology. Stupid but human I was to believe I could ever finish a game this way. However, I think about creating a devlog over at TIGSource to keep my currently clean mind even cleaner and to get this shit finally done. Or atleast in a stadium where it's an engine I work with. I started to make a list things really necessary for my project and it needs a name. The more you humanize something abstract-to-concrete, the more you care about it and the more you fight for it becoming better and better. So I'm looking for a name. A name for the engine at first, then the game. And, well, I also need to make some real game designs, not just ideas and possibilities! A list of stuff that's needed to get it done and final. Some actual design documents! Yes, that's what I need. Hm. Gonna think about that.

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