Deciced to finish the 4bit preprocessor "computer" in one or two days and do something different for some time. I felt like I want to something more substantial than just pushing bits from a to b - something like continuing the half, single shot LEGO bolt-action rifle layin round here! I just lost interest in in over time, but I knew that some day I'll want to continue making LEGO guns! Today is the day, so it's best to finish what I'm currently working and make something different, so that I won't get grump and loose interest in it, too.

So yeah, a few improvements my preprocessor computer (I called him "PPC") and I'll got on with other stuff. Can't wait to get my hands on a LEGO gun for some reason... That must be the "latent militant" in me. From time to I break my rather peaceful attitude and turn into a somewhat strange persons who likes to have some kind of "false action" in his live, making stuff that's usually an area of compromise and ignorance in reallife. Like guns or weapons in general. I think that's something hidden in each human beeing (atleast for the male ones). And depending on how you feel about violence in general, it may result in a more or less harmful situation. I'm usually very peaceful, rather expressing anger and fury in words (like in this blog) or in systematic ignorance of selected individuals. I've never really done anything physically or psychologically bad to other persons (though I like to tell myself how pleasing the imagination could be). And there are these days where I feel a bit pissed off about all this peace and talk, just so that it me some kind of mild "thrill" to even think or read about guns. Though after getting into the dirty corners of guns (which includes killing of living entities, threating, war and whatever), I often decide to go away from and start beeing a totally peaceful person again.

Guess that's totally human to "spice up your life" a bit if everything's all-day the same. But where isn't it in industrial countries. If you're doing well and got a nice occupation that's not too stressful but still not boring, there's always time for something different. Unfortunately, that's also the reason why so many people start to watch retarted cat torturers on the internet and so on. I'm glad my imagination is vivid enough to get creeped out by even the smallest hint of harm in any way. On the other hand, I found a compromise with most videogames this way. There's a certain, manifold degree marking a good or a bad kind of virtual violence to me. But in first place it alsways depends on the quality and level of polishing. For example, I'd never include too brutal things in my own games - some yes, but only if they fit the general "look and feel" perfectly. Anything else feels rather dumb and "for violence' sake". And I have high standards not unoften connected with unique settings and massive amounts of high quality art if it comes to a good game feeling.

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