Wash it all away

Oh man, I'm so fucking depressed. You meet one person explaining you why all this C++ inlining and reference shit doesn't really work and then you see that everything you tried to archieved will never work that way. GREAT. IT'S FUCKING SICK YOU COMPILER CODERS. *grump*

I don't even know where to start from here! Why do they make so stupid functions if they won't work this way? What's the deal with it, eh? FUCK IT, TOTALLY. I'll screw all that shit and stop working on it, that's it! I'm tired of it. I'll stop the chain of "work towards a nice toolset for your stuff" and will only create things that help to make my own "compiler" that converts my language of choice to C code. I want direct about code creating, the C compiler can make the rest if he wants. If I want an inline function, I really want it inline, not just on occasion. The only way to do this is to insert it as code, directly. And well, yes! If the fucking compiler wants to "optimize" my generated code, just do it then! I don't care as long as I can combine in the way I want.

I'm SO pissed off at the moment. The time has come TO END IT ALL. I don't need pseudo control about it, I want a way to craft code, not leaving it only to the compiler. GRAAAAHHHHHHH

And no, I don't mind about the work do to. I rather do much that has a good effect than doing too much has a bad effect. And trying to get a compiler to tell him that I actually want to insert this code is more annoying that anything else in the world (atleast it's my current point of view). Maaaan, we need better compilers. And by compilers I really mean compilers. Existing languages would provided better control about it if their compilers wouldn't just mash around with your code. My code seems slow to you, little compiler? Well, do you really know what I'm aiming at? Do you UNDERSTAND that I want to have the code like this? No, you don't. You're just a stupid program written by another human, also altered by your previous version. Machines make machines. We all know that this won't work as intended.

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