It's a bit strange I'm blogging about language and the understanding of language. For me, as somebody with more experience in German language than English, it's sometimes (and more often in the past) hard to understand why certain uses of words go so wrong or are interpreted negatively. One example is the use of "he", "she" and "it". I'm used to see them solely as words to describe a gender - he for male, she for female and it for non of these genders (I don't see only to genders and I don't see no genders. For me "it" is just different from male and female). So in theory I find it totally ok to call somebody or something "it" if there's no gender I can name or can apply with my knowledge of words. Today I had a strange moment when I used "it" to express myself as unknowing of someone's gender and it promptly got a negative aura. To be fair, that would have been gone in German. It must a strange anomaly of gender/non-gender equlity I have in my mind and with others understand wrong. Language is a product of past and slowly evolves. I'm glad that in German there's always a gender for object you can name - he, she or it. So as a rather analytic person, I see [he, it, she] as a sequence of states from male to female. If something's not male or female, it is an "it" and at first not an animal, a stone or something unhuman. No, I see entities in the world, not just distinctions male/female humans, animals and objects. That's retarted and utterly unfriendly in spirit. Just look at the manifold lives in our world and then say me: why do you decide between only two genders? There's always a third option, I learned to identify with it. Of course, you may say that's this is also unclear, but atleast I don't it pret something as "subhuman" or something like that. That is putting the humans higher than the ones declared as below and thus every animal or other entity.

So think about these words when you somebody calling you "it" with no evil meaning in mind. Get over the historically evolved stupidity and bring some more polite sense to it!

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