Good music, fresh music

I usually keep track of what's posted on Ektoplazm.com and from time to time a modern goa-alike album comes up. I rather enjoy goa, contemporary, old or inbetween doesn't matter. I'm not such psytrance fan as it tries so hard to sound badass or psychedelic that it totally forgets what good flow and thus psychedelic atmosphere is. That said, I enjoy listening to goa a lot. And today is one these days where it's just another goa album but something that kind of hits my expectations I have of good music. More specific it's an album by Oberon, and it sounds delicious. Two smooth songs with nice cliche chanting in the beginning, the a rather meanish track (I like those) and even two downtempo tracks with exactly the same kind of different I'd like to hear there. Has a good sound quality and does wonders to my ears. You should listen to it if you're a bit into psychedelic electronic music. It's a good quality and tracks 3 and 5 really sound like they would (in spirit) come from Restricted Area's excellent soundtrack. Even better, the album album gives me an excellent show on all sensable layers. The end is very interesting. After pumping tracks and downtempo flowing the musicians turns it creation into echo-distorted mixing of old movie fanfare samples. Indeed a great end for such an album, surprising and more different than other stuff I heard the last time. Did I say I like music that gives you a good, versatile show? Gives me the feeling that music is so much more than a system, rather a monumental collage of sounds and feelings.

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