I rediscovered Minecraft (and all the features I didn't knew of) and played the last two or three days with no real stop. It's fascinating what you can with a set of few mechanics and an almost infite amount of randomyl crushable world map data. So far I emptied a bunch mountains and discovered how useful minecarts can be and how redstone could help me to improve my cave discovering methods. But well, before I knew of that or even started thinking about it, I made my home inside a real mountain that rather high than deep. So in the end I asked my self how get these carts up the ramps... Really hard to do cause I didn't designed with this in mind.

So I'm tempted to restart somewhere in this world and using all useful things I mined out of my mountain. It's rather big place I created and I don't like it very much. I rather want to have a warm place under the earth with short travel ways and no endless stair til I reached my bed to sleep for a while... I feel like someone how created something stunning but then discovered howuseless everywas cause someone did it better, faster and more interesting. I'm a bit pissed off cause I was so stupid to NOT build my home down in a cave or so. I'll start my next home somwhere in the desert I think. Though I don't know where to get wood there.

Also, they should add ingredients to make gunpowder for TNT in peaceful mode. It's annoying to always dig so deep. I hope they add it in the future or so! Also nice would be somekind of redstone to mechanic and mechanic to redstone component. I only want to start my minecraft remotely, that's all!

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