Why I prefer working alone

I haven't posted in some time here, so I'm glad I remembered I have this blog. And I wasn't able to blog for a reason. The last days I worked non-stop on my student project had to take over all the 3D coding from another student. He's such a fucker not working for months and then complaining about how difficult everything is. What a fucking bitch, first not to work while he had to and then complaining about his own stupidity. However, he's also the guy you don't want to work with if you already did a project with him. He wasn't able to tackle the 3D model rendering problem, he wasn't even able to calcalte the position in a simple 2D grid. Not even in his most "advanced" source code version I saw even on formular for doing so. He just seems stupid enough to not even know how to do this. It's something even small children can do, and he just can't! He should even study here, instead selling burgers at McDonals or something appropriate for his intellect. However, he one time did his job but didn't tell my other teammate so. This one (who is working better, if not completely useful) did even tell me more crap and never started to implement it. So instead he told me something like "he coded something somewhere and I don't care asking him to implement it". HOWEVER, the lazy bum nobody wants to work did actually create the little chessboard animation he had to code, but this never reached my ears. He was never present when we other two were working and so I didn't knew it. Instead of wasting time I simply started to overtake his work and created really awesome animations for every possible move and they worked really fine. But well, as we tried to combined it with current project the lazy bum appeared and raged about why we didn't integrated his part and whatnot else. So what should I do other than saying that I didn't see it? I really didn't and now I know it wasn't a bad idea to implement it on my own. He's a joke of a programmer and now he's telling me that he already solved. What a fucker, seriously. I looked at his code and he still used hard-coded positions. If I work on a project, this project has be work flawlessy - technically and conceptionally. I don't care about people stupid enough to insist their shitty code is better than min. I know if my code is better or not - both things happen regularly to me. My version of the code didn't use any textures but generated colors (which look much better than shitty textures). So as I began to make him more neutral towards the situation, my other teammate suggest to implent his shitty textures, too... Friday is presentation day, so I need to make it RIGHT NOW. Fuck, why destroy beauty with bad taste and even worse code. *sigh* This is why I don't like to works in teams. Atleast if they don't work. If they work, everything's well. But otherwise I have to correct all their mistakes because they'd the work of all other teammates. FUCK, I hate bad apples. Next time I work ALONE.

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