License stuff

As I'm enjoying the freetime I've taken, I did some more goal-oriented researches about different software licenses and decided to releases my toolkit(s) (which I'll push in the next term break) under the GPL license. The reason is quite simple: I want to share my code and give other open source developers the chance to use it while preventing commercial devs from making profit with it. As I'm just a student, a life with no real job or experience in it, there is no reason for giving away my own work to people making money without my involvement. I will always need to sell my work in later life - why let other make profit out of it? That said, it's own of most clean things I have in my mind at the moment. And in the end I can still decide to use my own code in personal, commercial projects since I'm the original author of it. And I can still prevent others from doing so, too. I think that's a nice tradeoff.

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