I give up

I give up. Actionscript is use- and worthless. I will tell my sister that there's no way I can program it. Extreme compile times, no debug output and a horrible, horrible feature set. Nobody needs it, it's the most useless sum on web programming earth. There is no way she can get me to do anything with it. I can't program with any output. I can cope with immediate program shutdowns due to errors, but not with programs running all day long without beeing to say anything. I could set up my own debug system for it, yes, but do you know how long this would take? I'm a PROGRAMMER, not a scripter. Scripts are for whiney wieners sitting all day long infront of their expensive workstation and trying to get shit ouf of this commercial, horribly usesless mess of mass media stupidity. You know what's good? Plain, old html.

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