Free at last

Thanks Bool I'm free. My sister didn't turn pissed and we decided to find another one who can cope with this silly interaction environment. It's not the technical implementation beeing problematic, rather the whole development with Actionscript and Adobe's shitty technology. I'd be able to get it done with C/C++ and a proper graphics engine, but Flash is just a piece of shit you need to get used too. It's too highlevel for me. It's one thing to be able to write the most-efficient and well-designed code, but a completely different to overcome your knowledge and use something less effective/productive/well designed. Atlast I know what I don't what to do - not that I didn't knew that before... No, I'm free that I'm finally released and can concentrate on this that are designed for people who can think like computers and not like interaction diagrammists.

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