(almost) done

Yay, I'm almost done with all of my current projects. Interestingly, it seems that our chess viewer project will get best marks - like my C++ assignment got. I planned to do it with another student, but then I had nothing to and thought about beginning it alone so he cold continue working on the chess project. I got it perfect without any further modifications after one and a half day, so it wasn't really a mark I had to do additionaly work for. However, the only thing left is of course a set of 6 exams, some extra research for an already almost finished talk and the image processor I have to code in Java. Oh, and... yeah. This one thing I'm working on with my sister, this one rather "educational" rabbit game in Actionscript3. Currently, I strongly dislike Actionscript. I found that it's essentially the same shit like Javascript and it really showed yesterday when I was coding cool things like a mad monkey only to notice later than Actionscript actually doesn't support all aspects of object-oriented polymorphism. This sucks, I really put a lot of time to get this done and then it hit me like a 12k ton block of solid steel. So I have to start from the beginning. This day I'll limit myself to procedural programming and minimal object-orientation use. Later I'll have to make a proper game of it, a fool was I to believe that Actionscript would make it easy. Now I'd rather prefer coding it in OpenGL or another engine or so. But shit, that's not possible as she wants a game playable in a browser. And I already pinned down how the game's technique will work it the end, heavily SWF-based. So there's no way to go and no way to escape. Fine. How shitty that feels. I'll never promise my sister a game. Never. Ever. And I'll not post it here on this blog, no. This is embarassing to me, having to do a shitty job cause the language doesn't support better possibilities. I'm not the fan for any kind of web-related scripting shit - I have it. However, I only need to give a quick, dirty demo to her til wednesday, so it's nothing impossible to do - only tedious and annoying. And I feel disgust thinking about how I will need to abuse my term break freedom for a silly and superfluous language and project in general. I hope she doesn't read my blog, but currently I'd like to throw away everything that's not my personal motivation. And I don't even get anything for it. I give a shit on the game's value and I give a shit on what it aims to be. In the end it's the game for someone who'll benefit from it where I won't. Actionscript is nothing good to me, it's a bad thing, a full impersonation of bad language concepts the fucking web enthusiasts brought to us. It's for designers without deeper knowledge, nothing you should learn on you own. I wish I could rewind the whole story about and get my more free time back. You would want to if you were me, seriously. This Adobe stuff is nothing a good programmer should use.

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