Too many files

*sigh* Stuff's getting annyoing.I have so many files with even more lines that I'll need to compile my student project another way. And well, makefiles - let's say I haven't written any universal version I can use to my liking. I see were this is going. IDEs. Again. Well, atleast I found some I can use. In the end, Code::Blocks can still do the magic for me. I wasn't happy about some weird behaviours, but it's still the only IDE I used a longer time without so many complaints. So well, I need to decide. I badly need something for huge projects to keep work easier. And with work I don't mean the project, but rather the navigation between source files and program output etc. gedit is great, but for example, it can't deliver a header/source swap, no project tree, no class view etc... And as I don't have the time to keep everything universal (I hate writing highly specialized code), I'm kind of pumping new stuff everyday and get lost in how many features I actually implement. I also need to split some rather weird class construction I quickly hacked in, so I don't get bad mark cause my design followed rather C than pure OOP. Well! I need to browse some package lists...

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