After recovering a bit from an instant illness attack and beeing unable to produce any code, I did some tests with Oblivion's character model and it's weird how useless some things are. First of all, armor. Yes, it seems to be useless to me in this game. That's especially due to the fact that even the smallest wizard with aleast 25 points in alteration can it's personal 15% shield spell which grants a wopping 15 defense points to his already worn armor. So I can have more defense than a knight at the same level while being faster and will gain additional magical effects by my randomly chosen magical clothes. Even more, you can also wear items that also provide a shield effect, adding all shield percentages to a quite awesome resistance to almost anything that could encounter you physically. In the end I threw away all heavy armor parts (and it was already light armor) to wear robes and rings/amulets to get their much better shield bonus. And I didn't even enchant helms or so. There is just no point to wear armor in this. It costs weight points, doesn't make you better after all and you'll have to repair it. Normal clothes don't even have a condition rating, so it makes all your items indestructible. I guess you can even enchant the handcuffs from the the beginning, so you'll only need to find a weightless helm to get a perfect set of armor against every physical damage awaiting you. Furthermore, you also get massive amounts of shield potions relative early in the game - is there still ANY reason to use normale armor parts? Also, I found my self blocking more often than getting damage by direct hits. So well - my light armor was the lowest of all, cause they never really hit me.

I'm not sure what the game designers thought there, but it's definitely not as well-balanced as other, less polished games. And if you don't use a fighter race in the beginning, you can also leave swords and clubs aside - poisons do fine unless you like to face undeads more often than other enemy types. And even this can be solved by simply using enchanted weapons and a manual soul trap spell or a soul trap enchantment on the weapon. At a specific point in the game you can get a real tank this way. Almost indestructable and with so heavy damage than no enemy will be able to kill you. It makes me a bit sad that I'm realizing this after I played an archer/thief/mage combination with lots of points put into light armor and sword skills. It was totally useless in the end, It would've been better without those wasted points, you will just no them.

However, I'm tired. Let's finish for now.

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