Sick of games, especially first person ones

Seriously, I begin to dislike them more and more. Especially cause I'm not at the highest possible health level and get headaches when playing and/or looking at them. All these 1:1 camera motions get on my nerves rapidly. Maybe that's also due to the fact that I finally finished Oblivions' main story line which I actually never really touched before. It's a pretty bad story full of boring shit and constantly stupid monster slaying. Oblivion would be a better game without it's hilarious storyline and level progression system. In fact, I believe it's better to remove all character-related status variables and turn it into to a completely item-based advancing system. Means that you don't need to choose some stupid skills in the beginning and no level progression during acitivity execution. I think it's much much much better to make a big and freely accessible game by giving only items and skills to improve your character's possibilities. Oblivion does a lot of nice things, but also a lot of bad ones including it's main quest. In the end I simply skipped all enemies and just ran through to the end cause it doesn't make any difference to fight or not - the player/monster level adjustment does only make some damage type difference, the general fighting is always the same shit. And well, the main quest almost only consists of fighting in the end. It's ok for game as long as it doesn't offers anything else that is better. But as fighting is the most annoying part in Oblivion (I rather prefer jumping and running), I results in a rather dull experience. But it's good that I played it, so I can finally put it aside and distill the parts I like about it in a whole. I'm also wondering what the developers thought when the player will end/start the main quest. Of course, it starts with the very first moment you begin the game, I rather think about the first time you can decide to follow it or not. After I bought the game some years ago, I closed my first Oblivion with level 16 - a level that was already too high to enjoy my character. A definite problem I'm having with I'm having with Oblivion is that automatically levels you up depending on the skills you set to make you level up. I made some kind of thief mysticism hand-to-hand brawler and totally failed when facing a too fat Deadroth inside the Kvatch castle. I created several characters to test everything out, but all the skills I liked (jumping, running, mysticism, alchemy etc - all the rather "useless" skills) where just not made for fighting. So I hated the game for beeing only nice to tanks and fans or pure blends. This didn't changed so much on my second try. But still, if you don't choose skills made for fighting, you simply can't progress any further. So many quests simply consist of fighting, most not suitable for skills beyong skull mashing. Not sure whether I'm simply the wrong person for such games, but I rather like action-adventure-like progression (rather getting better items than leveling up) or a good blend between experience points and ways to through the game with all possible skills.

So yeah, this game sucks for everything story-related. I'm currently reading through some Oblivion wikis to find out what I else missed, but guess there isn't much. I knew most sidequests from my previous playthrough, so it wasn't that interesting to play this time. Typically for me, I began to use skills I didn't plan before, so this shitty level up didn't to anything for me. I think it'd be better to either give it a xp points-based system or a completely stats-independent character evolution. Maybe skill points, too. Who knows. But I'm sure they'd waste even this opportunity. I'm glad I finished this game - this gives it a "rest in peace" status while remembering the stuff liked, or better, the ideas that deviated from it.

Oh and I hate that they placed dozens of Oblivion gates but with only 7 variations in level design. That's just annoying - you closed one gate and then you need to close another that looks exactly like the one you already closed! I can understand that they used components to created their dungeons, yes, but not that they they simply copied while areas. I feel betrayed by last-minute design.

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