Qt Creator

I saw the windows version of it while I was working with student from my team and it somehow caught my interest. It has a cool interface, many files opened in seperate splits, etc. It's really cool and it is fun work with it. Only problem is that you can't add any makefile except via your file managers, it doesn't know of any relative paths from the current project file etc... I already experienced enough problems with fixed paths, so this is setting me of. However, I'll leave it on my harddrive and watch what the updates will bring to me. I don't use it for Qt, so I'm limited to it's ability to understand relative pathes and makefiles. There is just no macro except $BUILDDIR, which is also a fixed path... Yes, it needs a polish this time. But if you set your paths this way and like it, it's a fucking nice development environment with builtin hex viewer, multiple files view, etc... Awesome I'd love to see in other, relative-pathing IDEs! A shame they don't allow themselves to be inspired by others development environments.

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