Well, as it seems to work with Java, I tried to use some more advanced, rather Java-like concepts for sensor access (like listeners for button events and so on), but I failed so hard. The documentation is very much work-in-progress and doesn't cover all included functions. However, there's a tutorial and there are sensors you can access any time you want. That's good by default, so I guess I should write my own functions for timing and ignore the more Java-ish parts of LeJOS. But there are still things annoying me. I don't know if it's just me of Java, but it's random number generator seems no to work for me (always the same numbers even after initialization etc). I guess I forgot something important or use a wrong calculation. I really don't know. However, this means some heavy learning.... That's annoying me. Seriously.

So in my anger about it I tried to setup nxtOSEK to immediately start with my own C++ code, but after almost an hour of compilation and file management it told that it could find compile the sample codes due to one single missing file. Great. This way it won't work, for sure. Ok, stay with Java... Don't care about javaish Classes... Stay the C++ way... Just ignore it...

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