Pethatic humans

I give a FUCKING FUCK on family and their stupid, ever repeating stupid memes about stereotypes while giving a, for them, perfect example right on the next chair. Fuck christmas I say you. And fuck this FUCKING FAMILY away to eternity.

It's just ONE day in the whole year, ONE DAY and they manage to completely screw up everything by violating all politeness they'd normaly have if there weren't this fucking rest of the family. God, I hate this shit to NO END. Will this ever get normal? No, probably not. I know why I'm sitting infront of my computer typing rants and coding. Cause there is nothing to get close to this family. I'm glad I'm say, so they will all die one day and I won't have to worry about them or even their offsprings.

All this makes me hate social interaction. Pethatic humans. Why can't there be anything more rational in their minds instead of dumping stupid shit out of there head.

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