One annoying thing less

I did it! Finally the mandatory assignment is done and I can ignore OpenGL for a longer while. I must admit, I got used to it, but I still have it's state machine design. So confusing what when happens. However, the final result is quite awesome full with nice eyecandy and over-the-top useless features for such few overall requirements. Well, that shouldn't be the problem! In the next assignment someone else had to do the 3D work, but somehow he completely vanished from surface, possible beeing unable to understand even one thing they're telling us there. So it's good to have a "handy" way of making simple models as I did in the picture above. I'll set up a little post with Linux/Windows executables later, at first I need to setup a working windows compilation for OpenGL and so on... damnit, why can't these lectures choose a RIGHT operation system that supports compilation as simple as Linux? Oh well, gotcha. How stupid of me. I'll simply leave it there as Linux for my blog and give him his win exec instead. Not a real solution, but I'm soooo lazy.

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