Beside the garbage collector/memory manger I', currently designing for C++, I also started finding a better firmware for the Lego NXT brick I got as a christmas present. I started playing with the original firmware, but I'm not really fan of it, especially cause there are some really useless features for more advanced brick programming. However, one interesting thing I discovered is that some guys actually wrote a firmware featuring a tiny Java VM for the RCX and NXT! And holy shit, that's really awesome to know. I know there are also firmwares for coding C programs, but a fully-blow, object-oriented programming language? Fuck yes, I need to get that. Using libnxt I can flash the original firmware and put some interesting versions on it. And coding my control software with Java also teaches me some lessons about programming Java in general. I WILL need to code Java this semester end, so it's nothing bad to test some things out before going dirty with it.

So yeah, I'm still browsing Wikipedia to see what else interesting is there. I'll get a Lisp book in a month or so, so maybe I can eventually write my own firmware with a Lisp machine on it. I know that'd be a lot of work, but I otherwise I wouldn't evolve much. I don't want to get stuck with only hardware-independent experience. I look forward, seeking hardware abstraction on a deeper level. And even if it's just the very basic concept, List will probably the core syntax to what I will create one day. Nothing is more cool than syntax made for extremely fast parsing while offering full programming potational, if not more.

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