Finally! After so many tries and even more failures, it's finally working. And ya know what? I didn't need ANY other programs than a rather uptodate beta version of the NBC compiler itself. And (that's the part that's pretty stupid), you need to specifiy your NXT version via command line, means when compiling you'll need the "-v=128" option (the number varies depending on your firmware version). So yes, that's it. Also, it requires you to execute it with root rights (that's rather a minor issue I think). And for the first time I heard this annoying little system beep for having the upload complete. Nice! So let's see what I can do with it. I already tried myself  making some more complex in LEGO's default software, but it crashed my file in the middle and I lost interest in doing experiments with it. But this nice little thing should keep my going. Expect it be awesome!

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