I give up

I didn't found any way to send my programs to the NXT. It's just too difficult to setup for me. I can create all kinds of programs for you, but if it comes to the old-fashioned design of operating system, I fail. I really don't know what to say. Why isn't it easy? Why so difficult? Why don't developers think about others that don't have the knowledge they have? I don't know, I just don't know. Atleast I am trying to make my programs or dreations are simple as possible to use. I decided to continue NXT development on my desktop PC, using WinXP instead of Win7. It simply worked after installing the drivers. Why not always so easy? I just don't know... At first I'll continue tinkering with Lego's official software and use BricxCC later. It's the only software I could remember that seemed to work as simple as possible. Using it is something different. If I get in a better mood, I can test all other editors/compilers with Wine or a virtual box. It could work this way, maybe not. I don't know. Life's hard. Linux is Evil. I don't like Windows.

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