The hard way

Lego time! I got my NXT to work properly on Windows. Problem is, that I simply dislike the NXT variant of Labview. The idea of having everything graphically isn't the problem, rather it's execution. It's fucking slow and bad to control. It needs smaller graphics, more functions and a proper context menu and so on and so on... I know it has to work for complete newbs and children, so I can't blame Lego for it. What I need is some kind of simple toolchain (command line or IDE doesn't matter) for a programming I know. As I said before, there are some firmware updates (which I do badly need, I guess) to make it more suitable for realtime applications. I tried Bricx Command Center, but it simply doesn't detect my NXT. So as everything else is just CLI, I better switch to Linux and try sending it using Bluetooth. So yes, it's the hard way. I found a guide and I hope everything will work then. Good thing is, that I can always restore the original firmware using LEGO's official software. So nothing is lost when I start experimenting around.

However, I hope this will work somehow. I really want to explore the stuff I can make with it. I have so many ideas including concepts where you use the NXT as controller only, doing all calculations on another bluetooth client. There's much stuff floating around in my head and I begin to LOVE the idea of making all the things I found too trivial before for the NXT. It's just more interesting to create digitally controlled mechanical processes that'd be boring for a normal programmer. It's like having the real world as physics co-processor! No, not really.

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