Oh, how exciting all this is! My wishes for designing a scanner with bricks and NXT grow and grow. I got so many ideas how to extend, for example, the color sensor with some physical build-arounds to provide RGB support etc. From what I know is that you can only check whether the light it got has a red, green oder blue part. I need to test this as soon as possible! Too bad I don't have the time to just start building and forgetting everything else. But there atleast time during the term break, so I can step by step build a nice workspace for developing during my free time. And then I'll be able to start making some actual constructions, programs etc. I also found out nxtOSEK for C/C++ programming and, as it seems, even file support and so on. Some really goes are out there, I just need to flash the brick somehow. At the moment I'm so excited and flashed by ideas bouncing through my head, I can barely just pick some programs and test if they work. This needs some more determination.

However, I'll continue with my garbage collector. Once this is done, I will have to work on other, more work related things.

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