Harhar, I converted my previously annoying and limited RTTI system in a way that you create typeIDs for EVERY class out there. Only thing bothering me is that it requires to overwrite every function named typeID, but I think that's something I won't be able to remove with out making in annoying to use... However, it really works for every possible class (including template and so on), as it create purely declarative class names with the purpose to create a special class ID. So you don't have to worry about inheritances, multiple base classes, etc. It works great! I'm so lucky it finally worked in a way that you simply write RTTI objectname; and everything can be done the normale. You take it's class* pointer, copy however you want and anything else. I wonder why they didn't create such a systems for C++ by default - it'd much more effective and took me, the unexperience small student of nowever, only some days to finalize it. Oh nose...

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