What a luck that I found a repository offering the newer 10.x version of Code::Blocks (Ubuntu repos only offer the simply too old 8.02 version) and all the that didn't work before does work now. That's great, plus I can FINALLY enjoy a decent development environment with all features I missed in gedit and without all the drawbacks of other IDEs. Hooray for software! No, that was weird. Ok, well. In the past I never didn't realised how lovely it is to have auto completition, especially cause I always had all the time of the world to find out function names. But since this is a highly specialized project, it's a breeze to have one. I can ctrlspace everywhere and it shows me all the stuff I'd need to know. Lovely! Always good to appreciate existing features. Well, gedit told me to work minimally, now it's time to speed this up.

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