Wine saved my day

I never tried GraphicsGale with Wine on my not-so-fresh-anymore laptop in the past, I simply installed it on a seperate windows partition along with some steam games. But well - there was no reason to do so! I was, again, looking for a pixelation program for Linux but didn't think about simply trying GraphicsGale again. This combination once made half the system freeze after it also deleted some files that were opened in a terminal editor. This made me avoid it at all, so it took me some time to try it again. So what's new to say about it? Simple: it works! Yes, it just works. As fast as on Windows, with no slowdowns during the time I tested it. And I doubt there will be any further problems - runs fine means runs fine. Awesome! I can finally start making pixelart again. I missed that so much. It was an integral part of my life before I started using Linux. And it feels good to know that it's finally possible to use it with no annoying slowdowns. Pew! I always wanted to make my own icon set in small-scale pixel graphics to make my own vison of an everyday icon set come true. I don't plan any big and complex contents, just some pixelish and flat graphics I was always looking for. So yes, maybe I finally start again making nice pixel art, I'd enjoy that very much. Especially since I don't want to spend my time coding, playing games or browsing the internet for random entertainment. It's so much more healthy and inspiring to make your artistic visions come reality! And I'm looking forward to making to some nice low-res textures for one of my assignments. There will be lights, textures, animations and camera movements! So maybe I can get my hands on bumpmapping, too - if there's enough time for that. So yeah, even if it's just a nice distraction during lessons, I can use everything I can create with it. Hooray for recent Wine versions on modern hardware!

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