What the foo

Gaaaahhh, I rediscovered the statistics button at Blogger and it's kinda frightening that I got almost 600 visits on the a single blog post linking to some Lisp sites. Most of them came from reddit (whatever this is) where it (for some reason) got accessible to a bunch of people. Everyday I get views from people linked reddit, or maybe it some other weird crawling service. I don't know. I basically don't care, but it annoys that it's actually a link people seem to click from day to day. Along with a "Wall-of-text'ed." comment at reddit, it seems that I look like a Neaderthal discovering the joys of toilet paper. I mean what's the point of such sites? "Social news network"? WTF? Up and down voting. I don't really care about such sites, but I care about how I can't really identify views not related to it. The tremendous amount of views by reddit user is simply littering my stats. 581 clicks on a Lisp post, next highest is a Mindstorms post 51. I fell in love with the idea that a max of only a handful users do even barely read a post here and there. I mean I almost feel bad for posting it for some reason. It's nicer to see a list site where you actually posted your link, counting every person taking a look at your "text walls" (that's called dedicated style, my dear). I could live with it if there'd be something publicly interesting like an open source library or so. But no, somebody likes to share links to small blogs to feed the insanity of news rating sites. *sigh*, I can't blame anybody for this, it's nothing against anything. But it's annoying me to just see people clicking on dead posts instead of fresh ones. That's simply not going in my head, must be something internet-related.

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