Though I'm quite late this evening and should go to bed, I couldn't resist to read some more LEGO Mindstorms and it's NXT chip since I'll probably get one as a christmas present. I don't need a whole set, I rather want to know how much I need and especially how to get it running on Linux. I know that LEGO itself doesn't really do anything for it, but they released the source code and thats enough for potential projects out there. However, I consider myself open for this as I just want to know how to get anything non-childfriendly programming environment working. I know there are some platforms to compile and send programs to the NXT, but everything's so vague, I barely imaging any details. So if nothing's working right, I do atleast need a setup were I can code in C or C++ and upload it to the brick. I don't know anything about flashing firmware or if it requires you to open your NXT brick or if it's as simple as sending random bluetooth packages to it (I don't even know how to code bluetooth communication). But well, as long as there are possibilities to somehow upload code to the NXT, I'm fine with that. Ok, ok - I'd even use Windows for that. Or there are really, really, no ways to get atleast C working, I'd even try to get my hands on assembler (I regret saying that). I definitely need something that simply works. I'm sure there's a number of interesting tasks for the NXT I could code, but I need a working environment that simply works and doesn't require me to make hours long system setups.

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