Rants and other stuff

So far, I've a dozen of games to see how far I can get with my new laptop and it's quite amazing how compatible it is with some games. Games like Bioshock and Fallout won't even start, no matter how hard I try. Instead they freeze or simply crash, no idea. On the other hand there Half-Life 2, Bioschock, Borderlands, Psychonauts etc - I'm able to run them, but some features just don't work. And the Source's sound stuttering is kinda extreme this time. Torchlight ran awesome, as well as HL2: Lost Coast (compared to the original game... probably limited enough to work fine). Maybe it has just something to do with specific graphics features and how they really on this and that. I'm sure shadows kill my card instantly. I wasn't yet able to get a good overview about it's OpenGL performance under Linux. Yes, I can download and start for example Sauerbraten, but it freezes after some seconds of execution with no way to get back to your desktop or another terminal. So it seems like a real incompatibility or so, I don't know.

Also, I met a rather dump Linux user yesterday. Man, how can anybody be so unhumorous and uncreative. Talking stuff like Gnome sucks cause GTK didn't worked with his program (which also didn't work with QT and so on...). Gosh, how can anybody in the world think this kind of denouncing thinking is interesting to anybody. Sometimes I'd like to simple punch people in the face for their stupid and persistant attitude towards interlinked software structures. Whatever.

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