OpenGL sucks

In theory, it's interesting. But in detail you won't find any good parts in it. Seriously, I don't like it. I like the intention and the concept of just modifying a set of variables and sending it to the GPU. However, I guess it's not OpenGL that will suck this way for me, but also DirectX and all the other hardware-accelerated 3D engines. I don't like this and I'm barely able to enjoy OpenGL's API in practice. Seems like one these typical outputs you can expect from standard organisations or guys somewhere beyond your perception. Ya know what? This 3D sucks. I'll go to creating my own one with only the stuff I want/need. So this is what I can work towards. Something easy and less annoying to work with. A clean API and a nice, minimal system. It's not my intention to make it completely realtime or as fast as other software renderers. I just want something that works fine on low resolutions with a flexible systems for coloring/texturing polygons and/or shapes. With builtin functions for minimal rendering amount you'd normally need to calculate before sending it to the GPU. Also, there won't be any GPU, so hooray for direct rendering! Maybe I could even design it multithreaded, so you render multiple shapes at a time. The API should be just as simple as possible and very, very understandable. From functions to rendering polygons to calculating positions on screen to checking if a shape/model is on screen or not. I can imagine a lot easier and quicker methods than the OpenGL API. And no, please don't come with arguments about how well-thought it's design is - in detail I can't bare it, it' simply garbage inside. I don't know of any alternative to DirectX or OpenGl, so I'll stick with what I'm used to: 2D and Orthogonal stuff (atleast until the point I can create a nice little 3D engine). I'm just more interested in normal 2D components like images, movies and so. All this 3D visualization is a level above my own programming tolerance. I can think in terms of cameras with fov, rotation and objects with bounding boxes, etc... But OpenGL doesn't seem to care about this. You get matrices. I have matrices. It's so... mathematical. I don't like maths either. It's a completely differently interpreted world.

So ok, I'm fine with the world now. Just finish this mandatory assignment as quick and dirty as possible and never think about it anymore. There is more interesting stuff you worked for! Just give them what they want as long as you need to...

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