OpenGl, Matrices and Models

Pew, I can't I actually did good use of matrices today! Two semesters long I didn't understand what's useful about them, but now I did! It always helps to find a good, self-found example of why a specific thing is great or why it works so well. I once mentioned that I learned to understand the usefulness of get and set in OOP very very late in my programming life. But once I found a personal reason to use them, I understood it's usefulness and started to use it. And as I started to develop the easiest assignment I have to do this semester, I realized how the usefulness of inverted matrices. Some stuff comes late, really late. But it's good that it always comes, even if it takes longer time than guessed or expected. A simple animation/object build system brought it to me. I didn't understand their use during the lectures, but after a half semester, I immediately understood how they can work together with animation systems. Overwhelming! 100 Points for Gryffindor!

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