Neo-Medieval music

As I was looking for some interesting, stylistic inspiration for how a lofi Dark Messiah could sound, I found some interesting songs on Youtube you'd usually associate with medieval markets, partially oriental fantasy games and some other elements illustrating crusades, sad bards and dangerous fights for castles. And I always found such neo-medieval, newly created music very inspiring. Some are rather dumb and do not carry the spirit I like about historically correct medieval music, but most of the tracks I find inspiring do rather focus on the intruments character and a backgrounding sound. They give you this nice feeling on beeing exposed to the pure instrument and not some stupid intention the musicians had. As I read on the German Wikipedia, most neo-medieval music were developed out of personal entertainment and interest in supporting the medieval markets the muscians were doing. So it's rather the story of good background than forced elements to carry the usual musicial content shit. And yes, that's what I'd like to keep as an partial inspiration for the resulting sound. Not that I want to make the whole in a single concept, but listening to it reminds of what they stay close to and how actually simple the alternate their structure but stay close to their basic sound. Also, the instruments. I kind of like them, but for an actual soundtrack, it'd be boring to only work with samples or poorly synthesized DS-10 sounds. All in all, this is some kind of music that should deserve to be in game - executed with more power and less monophony.

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