Mint 2

Again, Mint proves to be an extremely friendly system to use for me. I tested the LiveCD on my desktop PC and got my system on full resolution with no loss. It informed me that I can also install the proprietary drivers and during installation it asked me if I want to export settings from which the Windows installation (even with user selection!). Good stuff I say. Simply copy your settings from laptop, install some additional software and there we go again. Also, I'm surprised to see my laptop actually running Borderlands on more than low-end settings. We have a massive fiber optics network where I study and I was able to download it'S 8,5 GB within a few hours. That's seriously impressive to see, downloading a game with up 2 Mbit per second. I won't play it on this machine (Borderlands only works with highly detailed graphics due to it's pretty flat gameplay), but some other games work, too. Most notably Torchlight, which is just great for playing during pauses. And it looks just fabulous with a widescreen. Simply awesome, I begin to like any kind of widescreen screen.

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