Fallout: New Vega's ending

So I bought it a week ago or so and finished the main quest today. Holy cows, this game is simply great and captivating. I thought Fallout 3 was great, but lousy as a first person shooting game. New Vegas did so many awesome improvements, I wouldn't be able to list them all. I'm just stunned by how good the story is and how you can create a varied mixture like/dislike along all the factions in the game. And I want to play it again, this time with only speech/science/barter/repair and so on. Kinda a pacifist's play without killing any person. I know I can get a great FPS game by simply choosing guns skill only. But that limits me to never all these cool ways to wind up all people and playing them against each other. As in the previous game, I build a character around science, repair, explosives and unarmed combat. But I saw how I wasn't able to play like in the previous game (I always had two followers, so placing mines and lure enemies into them wasn't an option) and started skilling language and lockpicking later. You know, fighting does always become annoying if you can kill everybody mindless without much effort. I needed a challenge, but didn't get anything except more money and too much loot to use without the proper skills. In Fallout 3, I always preferred to kill all the fuckers I didn't like and blew up everything around to service my inner demolition lover. But in New Vegas you can do so many different and equally demolishing things simply without using any weapon. It's great, a well-done game. Before I play it again, I want to explore some more areas. I got level 30 a short time before I entered to final showdown (using Mr. House's way). So I can safely travel around and do some more cool quests. I need to try some different concepts here and there, I'm sure a missed a bazillion of cool quest!

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