Epic Mickey

I almost lost the hope for playing any good game on the Wii except the good parts of known Nintendo series like Zelda or Mario (though Mario Galaxy wasn't as good as other parts, most cause I hate it's progression system and level builds). As I heard of a Goleneye remake, I though it'd finally some new cool thing for the Wii I could enjoy, but as I actually played it I realized how fucking much I hate FPS with directly motion-controlled camera control. I don't even enjoy shooting games anymore except they mix in RPG or adventure elements (like Stalker, Metroid, Bioshock etc.). So my sister told that there's a Disney game out. A game about mickey. And painting and jumping. And she it looked exactly like something I'd like to play. So I read a review, saw a video and think I want to play it. They used almost every old Disney character and made it an open game with no necessary decisions but big effects and, as I must say from watching videos, an interestingly untypical graphical style for a Disney game. But I'm optimistic, as everything in this game looks so good and welcoming - it looks like a platformer in the good old style of Banjoo Kazooie, Vex, Super Mario 64 etc. It they said there is a ton of stuff to collect. A must for every game on a console. I think it's better to never again try to appreciate some shooting games it's predecessor you knew long before you ever learned how lame they were. You spend over 40€ for a game you can't enjoy cause you're too bad in controlling a Wii mote for shooting and can't see anything on you old TV screen. I hope Epic Mickey isn't too small on screen and features big fonts for old television devices. I hate that so many modern games don't care about a smaller screen, it's a shame.

So I hope everything turns out well and I can play it tomorrow and see a good and classic gameplay that's just right and perfect for me to enjoy after everyday's trouble. I really need a good game these days, I became so down from not having one ready after I worked to much. So down that I totally stopped working on my student project. That's not good as I won't have the to do it later. I want to get all work I know as soon as possible out of schedule so that I can work on the game for my sister's art uni project and enjoy my Mindstorms set during christmas days. I need something I can look forward too. Me without something awesome in the future is a sad pile of human.

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